Theatre Arts

2019-2020 High School Musical Jr.

Thank you for your interest in the musical production.  Please note the dates and requirements to participate in the school play. You must attend all performances to participate in the play.

The play requires a lot of time and commitment. Be sure you are able to commit to this project before you audition OR sign up for a crew.


The show is cast by audition.  We are sorry but not everyone who auditions will be given a part.  You will be asked to prepare and perform a monologue, sing a song, and dance for the audition.


High School Musical Jr. Rehearsal Calendar-2019-2020

Music Rehearsals will be held in the Chorus Room.

Choreography and Scene Rehearsals will be held in the Lecture Hall

Make-up rehearsals will be used in case of school closure due to weather


11/6       2:30-5:00                              All Cast/Crew - Meet and Greet, Read-Through - LECTURE HALL

              5:00-5:30                              Parent Meeting

11/7       2:30-4:30                              Music - All Cast (Wildcat Cheer, All in this Together Rep, Getcha Head)

11/11     2:30-4:30                              A Block - Music-Status Quo - All Cast

                                                                 B Block: Counting on You (Jocks, Brainiacs)

11/13     2:30-4:30                              B Block Music - Thespians -“Auditions”

                                                                A Block Choreo All in this Together, Rep. (All Cast)

                                                                B Block: Choreo - Wildcat Cheer (Cheerleaders)

11/14     2:30-4:30                              A Block: Music - Breaking Free (All Cast)

                                                                B Block: Music - All in this Together (Brainiacs/Jocks)

                                                                (Crew Meeting-A Block)

11/18     2:30-4:30                              A and B Blocks: Music All Cast - Start of Something New, Bows/MegaMix

11/20     2:30-4:30                              A Block-Music - What I’ve been Looking For, Bop to Top (Ryan, Sharpay)

                                                                A Block-Choreo - Wildcat Cheer (Cheerleaders)

                                                                B Block-Music - What I’ve been Looking For, Reprise (Gabriella, Troy)

                                                                B Block-Choreo - Getcha Head (Jocks)

11/21     2:30-4:30                              A Block - Choreo - All in This Together, Rep-All Cast

                                                                B Block Choreo Bop to the Top/What I’ve Been (Ryan and Sharpay)

11/25     2:30-4:30                              Music Review (All Cast)

12/02     2:30-4:30                              Music Review (Solos/Duets)

12/04    2:30-4:30                              A and B Block - Choreo - Status Quo (All Cast)

12/05     2:30-4:30                              A Block - Choreo - Start of Something New (All Cast)

                                                                B Block - Choreo - Breaking Free (All Cast)

12/09     2:30-4:30                              A And B Block    Scene 1 (All Cast)

                                                                Choreo - Start of Something New, Wildcat Cheer

12/11     2:30-4:30                              A Block - Choreo - Status Quo - All Cast

                                                               B Block - Scene 2-3 (Jack, Darbus, Troy, Gab, Chad, Taylor, Ryan, Sharpay, Martha, Zeke)

                                                                B Block Choreo - Start of Something New, Breaking Free-HON-All Cast

12/12     2:30-4:30                              A and B block Scene 5 and 6

                                                                Tenney, Sharpay, Taylor, Gab, Ryan, Martha, Brainiacs)

                                                                A Block - Choreo - Getcha Head (Jocks, Coach)

                                                                B Block - Choreo - Wildcat Cheer (Cheerleaders)

12/13     2:30-4:30                            Choreography Review - A Block We're all in this together, Getcha, Head in the Game (All Cast)

                                                          B Block Bop to the Top/What I've been looking for (Ryan/Sharpay)

12/16     2:30-4:30                              A and B Block -Scene 7 -  Thespians,Jack,  Kelsi, Ryan, Sharpay, Troy, Gab, Darbus

12/18     2:30-4:30                              A and B Block Scene 8-9 (All Cast)

12/19     2:30-4:30                              A and B Block Scene 10, 11,12 

                                                          (Gab, Troy, Zeke,Sharpay, Taylor, Chad, Ryan, Brainiacs, Jocks, Coach, Darbus)

1/06       2:30-4:30                              A and B Block Scene 13 (Brainiacs, Jocks, Troy, Gab, Zeke, Chad, Taylor, Kratnoff)

                                                            A and B Block - Choreo-Ryan/Sharpay-What I’ve Been, Bop to Top

                                                                (Running Crew begins reporting)

1/08       2:30-4:30                              A and B Block Scene 14-15 (Kelsi, Gab, Troy, Chad, Taylor, Jack, Sharpay, Ryan, Brainiacs, Jocks)

1/09       2:30-4:30                              A and B Block -Scene 16 (p67-75)

                                                       (Jack, Moderator, Coach, Cheerleaders, Jocks, Brainiacs, Sharpay, Ryan, Gab, Troy, Chad, Zeke, Darbus, Kelsi)

                                                                B Block - Choreo-Breaking Free

1/10       Make-up rehearsal               TBD

1/13       2:30-4:30                              A and B Blocks -Scene 16 (p75-79) All Cast

1/15       2:30-4:30                              Scene 17-All Cast

1/16       2:30-4:30                              Bows/Mega-Mix-All Cast

1/17   2:30-4:30                                 Make up rehearsal-TBD

1/22       2:30-4:30                              Dance Review (All Cast)

1/23       2:30-4:30                              Scene 1,2,3 (All Cast)

1/24       Make-up rehearsal                TBD

1/29       2:30-4:30                              Scene 4,5,6 (Jocks, Ms. Tenney, Gab, Taylor, Sharpay, Ryan, Darbus, Coach, Troy)

1/30       2:30-4:30                              Scene 7,8,9 (Thespians, Darbus, Sharpay, Ryan, Jack, Kelsi, Troy, Gab, Jocks, Brainiacs)

1/31          2:30-4:30                              Costume Parade - All Cast-Costume Crew

2/3         2:30-4:30                              Scene 10,11,12,13 (Gab,Troy,Zeke,Sharpay, Taylor, Chad, Ryan, Brainiacs, Jocks, Coach, Darbus)

                                                                (Lighting and Sound begin reporting)

2/5         2:30-4:30                              Scene 14,15

2/6         2:30-4:30                              Scene 16,17, Bows/MegaMix (All Cast)

2/7         Make-up rehearsal               TBD, Set Load - in 6:00PM(Parents, SMs)

2/10       2:30-4:30                              Scenes 1-6 (All Cast)

2/12       2:30-4:30                              Scenes 7-11 (All Cast)

2/13       2:30-4:30                              Scenes 12-17 (All Cast)

2/14       2:30-4:30                              Dry Tech (Crew Only)

Tuesday 2/18     2:30-6:00              Act 1 (Scene 1-9) All Cast

2/19                       2:30-4:30             Act 2 (Scene 10-17) All Cast

2/20                       2:30-4:30             Run Show All Cast

2/21                       Make-up Rehearsal         TBD

Saturday 2/22    9:00am - 1:00       Dress Rehearsal-All Cast/Crew

2/24                       2:30 - 6:00PM       Run Show-All Cast/Crew

2/25                       2:30 - 6:00PM       Run Show-All Cast/Crew

Wednesday 2/26 2:30 - 6:00PM    Show at 2:30, Rehearsal until 6:00pm

Thursday 2/27                   Call is 5:00PM                    Show is 7:00PM, pick up at 8:45

Friday 2/28                         Call is 5:00PM                    Show is 7:00PM, pick up at 8:45

Saturday 2/29                    Call is 1:00PM                    Show is 3:00PM and 7:PM, Strike followed                                                                                                          by Cast/Crew Party 9:15-10:30 (pick-up no later than 10:30)

Make up performances—March 5,6,7 (in case of school closure due to weather)

Monday 3/2                       2:30-3:30                              Strike—Cast and Crew

Three courses are available to Hughes students to explore theatre arts.

  • 7th Grade Speech and Drama - open to any 7th grade student who wants to improve their stage skills.
  • 8th Grade Theatre Arts Appreciation - open to 8th grade students new or returning to the theater arts class.
  • 8th Grade Advanced Theatre Arts - (Year Long) open to students who have taken an introductory theater class or by teacher recommendation. This course is designed for the student who is comfortable performing on stage and is ready to explore more advanced skills. Students will perform in front of invited audiences.

After School Opportunities

  • Theatre Sports - This club explores improvisational games. We meet after school on Tuesdays in the Lecture Hall. Some students may be selected to compete at county-wide competitions held at various FCPS middle schools.
  • School Play - All Hughes students are welcome to audition for the annual school production. We hold an interest meeting in December and auditions are held immediately after the Winter Break. Show dates are usually in April. We also invite students to serve on a crew for the play. All rehearsals are held after school. This production requires a major time commitment.
  • Theatre Expo Workshop - An annual county-wide theatre workshop held at Twain Middle School. Students select four workshops to participate in ranging from make-up to stage combat taught by area theatre professionals. This year it will be held on Saturday, October 28, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Cost is $15. See Mrs. Dewenter for registration materials.