LHMS SOL Test Schedules

May 04, 2019

The SOL testing window is from May 6-June 7. 

The majority of students will have the opportunity to test on the following dates.Some students have exceptions to this schedule. Students received purple SOL schedules in 3rd period on Friday May 3rd. Questions? Contact Mr. Hamlin at mahamlin@fcps.edu

Monday, May 13: 8th Grade Civics

Tuesday, May 14: 7th Grade Reading 

Wednesday, May 15: 7th Grade Reading

Thursday, May 16: 8th Grade Reading

Friday, May 17: 8th Grade Reading

Monday. May 20: Geometry, Algebra II, Honors Math 7

Tuesday, May 21: Prealgebra

Wednesday, May 22: Algebra and Algebra Honors

Thursday, May 23: Math 7

Friday, May 24: 8th Grade Science

If a student if absent for a test; they will test as soon as possible upon their return to school. The bell schedule at LHMS for May 13-24 is as follows:

Extended Testing Period: 7:30-10:00 (150 minutes)

3rd Period: 10:04-10:36 (32 minutes)

4th/5th Period: 10:41-12:41 (90 instructional minutes)

Last Period: 12:45-2:15 (90 minutes)