By Kristina Burke
October 23, 2018

On October 22nd Langston Hughes hosted visitors from Clarksville-Montgomery County school district in Tennessee. The visiting district is looking to bring AVID to their schools and wanted to see how an AVID school looked. First, they visited Langston Hughes where they observed the AVID elective, learned about the implementation of AVID in the school, observed core classes, and interacted with a panel composed of students, teachers, administration, and counselors. The highlight of the visit was hearing from the AVID students who report they are a resource for helping their friends do well in class and that AVID tutorials give them more confidence. Douglas Tyson also joined our visitors and later stated that, “I just want to shout as loudly as I can that the AVID program is fabulous. Going into classrooms, observing the tutors, watching the students lead discussions, listening to students speak confidently and using insight/facts to bolster their positions is so stimulating!” After observing Langston Hughes, they traveled to South Lakes to observe AVID and other classes there.