December IB Newsletter

By Hannah Converse
November 30, 2017


IB Learners of the Month Nominees

Each month this year, beginning this past month, teachers are taking turns within their content area teams to nominate students who they feel have demonstrated the selected IB learner traits of the month.  November’s traits were Caring and Principled.  Nominated students have their teacher-written description read aloud to their Connections class by Langston, the school mascot, receive a certificate, AND get to choose from a menu of motivating rewards!


Student name

Trait Exemplified

Hannah Boeteng


Nazila Abyaneh


Shaivi Yarlagadda

Principled & Caring

Mikayla Kirr


Jaylah Johnson


Safqat Chowdhury


Kyle Livengood


Mertcan Erdogan



The Learner Profile Month Presented
Inquirers October
Knowledgeable April
Thinker January
Communicator October
Principled November
Open-minded March
Caring November
Risk-taker February
Balanced December
Reflective May

Featured Update: The IB Learner Profile  

IB at Hughes: Tell us about which IB trait is your strongest?  Which might be your weakest?

Sofian Halibi: My strongest IB trait is being a risk taker, because I like to take risks in all of my classes.  I think my weakest IB trait is being a communicator because I’m bad at communicating with all of my classmates, but I’m working on communicating more with all of my classmate.

Graham Ishaq: My strongest IB trait would probably be a risk taker because, I feel like I do take a lot of risks in everyday life and in sports and stuff. For example, let’s say in basketball you’re dribbling down the court and you  could make a shot or, a similar situation, you could pass the ball. I always go for the shot, ten out of ten.  

How we emphasize the traits school-wide


  • Within units of instruction:

    • Teachers might ask students how important figures they’re learning demonstrated or possessed any of the traits

    • Teachers might ask students to identify and justify traits certain characters possess/demonstrate from texts they’re reading

  • School-wide through Approaches to Learning (ATL, every Thursday during Connections):

    • Each month, ATL lessons teach students about selected traits of the month

    • Students explore the meaning of each trait and self-reflect on their demonstration of that month’s trait. In the chart above right, we have noted which months will focus on which traits during ATL.