The Rebound

By Beth Panicucci
March 02, 2018

It’s All About How You Rebound: March 1st, School-Wide Assembly

The Rebound is a documentary that follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team, in their quest for a national championship. Despite a disappointing elimination the year before and the team’s dwindling resources, adaptive athletes rally towards the title while each striving for their own dreams, second chances, and to win against all odds. Thanks to our incredibly generous PTA, LHMS will not only be viewing the documentary through ATL days in Connections on 2/15, 2/22, & 2/23, but The Rebound film crew AND a professional wheelchair basketball athlete came to LHMS on Thursday, March 1st from 9:10-10:30 in the gym. The film crew will share with our students their belief in the opportunity for all to experience the life-changing effects of participating in sport. Additionally, the crew will get select students and staff into wheelchairs to demo some skills. The students had a great time learning about overcoming adversity, and interacting with the players! Please enjoy some of the images from this wonderful and inspiring event!