Destination: Distance Learning 2020

Student Infographic


Our teachers have been working very hard over the past few weeks to prepare for Distance Learning which begins April 14th.  It will be a mixture of both live instruction using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as well as independent/collaborative tasks through a variety of approved digital tools.  Weekly packets will continue to be mailed home in case you have difficulty with computer/WiFi access.  If you would like to opt-out of the mailed packets, you may select the paperless option here.  Below is the distance learning schedule accompanied by a variety of essential information regarding our distance learning journey.  We are looking forward to collaborating and learning with you as we shift our instruction out of the classroom and into your home.

Distance Learning Tips and Tricks

As we embark on Distance Learning, we recognize it can present different opportunities and challenges for families and students. While our number one goal is to continue high-quality instruction, we recognize the challenges and obstacles our students and families may face in the upcoming weeks will be exciting yet apprehensive. To prepare for this new approach to learning, it is important that we help our students adjust to the new normal and begin to develop good learning habits. Here are a few tips to help students find success in this new environment:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Be there for your child as a parent
  3. Continue to maintain family norms and be supportive
  4. Know that you are doing the best you can
  5. Celebrate your accomplishments and progress!

For Students & Parents

Hughes students will meet with English, Math, Science, History/Civics, Reading and World Languages Teachers with the teacher option for electives. during the synchronous instruction periods set on Wednesday and Friday. There will also be opportunities for asynchronous instruction and questions outside of the assigned bell schedule time.

FCPS Distance Learning

Whats the difference between asynchronous and synchronous?

Asynchronous Learning

  • Students learn at different times throughout the week
  • Teachers provide materials (videos, assignments, activities, links, group work)
  • Feedback is provided to the student through collaborative tools and email
  • Communication is not live
  • Flexible and allows students to work at their own pace
  • Due dates and time frames are important

Examples: Pre-recorded video, Narrated Slide Decks, Screencasts, EdPuzzle, Flipgrid Video, Pear Deck student paced lessons, Blog or Discussion boards, Collaborative/Google docs.

Synchronous Learning

  • Students learn at the same time, often at a scheduled class time
  • Requires students and teachers to be online at a specific time
  • Direct interaction between teachers and students
  • Allows for instant feedback and clarification
  • Checking in, Q & A, discussed and presentations occur at specific times in an online setting
  • Often requires more bandwidth

Examples: Video conferencing, BBCU chat, telephone, Office Hours, collaborative/Google docs, Pear Deck teacher paced lessons

Student Schedule

Please see below for the schedule for our remaining weeks of school. 


Independent or collaborative work completed by students.  Dedicated Planning Time for Instructional Staff:

  • Check-in time for administrators and faculty
  • Individual, grade level and content team planning within school or across division. Time to record, create and post assignments and presentations, respond to emails, etc.


Independent or collaborative work completed by students.  Office Hours for Individualized Instruction and Support

South Lakes High School 7th period classes meet from 1:30-2:15

Wednesday: Blue Day

1:  9:15-10:00

3:  10:30-11:15

 Lunch Break

5:    12:15-1:00

7:    1:30-2:15


Independent or collaborative work completed by students.  Office Hours for Individualized Instruction and Support

South Lakes High 8th period classes meet from 1:30-2:15

Friday: Grey Day

2: 9:15-10:00

4:  10:30-11:15

Lunch Break

6:  12:15-1:00