Hughes News

Become a part of something special like our 20 students who embraced the challenge to create a twice-a-week show in order to build a sense of community in our school despite the pandemic. What started as a “work around” to overcome the logistical limitations of social distancing turned into something much more that few could have foreseen. By telling stories from diverse viewpoints and reaching out with humor, heart, and positivity, the Hughes News became one of the few ways our school could share, engage, and support each other during this difficult period in our lives. We are encouraged by the many positive comments we have received from the school community and hope to build on this momentum to continue this student-directed and student-produced experience.  This is almost 100% student led and facilitated by one of our wonderful librarians, Mrs. Nitao! 

Develop and hone the following skills:

Communication: writing, public speaking, awareness of communicating clearly and thinking about the audience, communicating with each other to make the show happen, being invested in the process as well as the final product.

Collaboration: Pitch ideas, give and receive feedback, respect for diversity of viewpoints, giving compliments for a job well-done, supporting each other

Ethical & Global Citizen: Listen, respect diverse viewpoints, weather in Spanish, cultural celebrations, etc.

Leadership:  Taking responsibility for the new show and being invested in it because it was student-created-it belonged to them!

Critical and Creative Thinker: Join a team to think creativity, create something positive, engaging, and important for the school-wide community.

Goal Directed and Resilient Individuals: Set goals, set commitments, meet deadlines, incorporate student voice into the Hughes News

Time Management:  Making commitments and following through to meet deadlines

Editing: Learn to edit segments together, cut videos, add transitions, music and added flare for a cohesive show

Become a risk taker who is to put themselves out there and try something completely new.

Special News Crew Projects and Shows in 2020-2021:

  • Hughes Return to School Safety Video Series
  • Hughes Security Team Interview Series
  • Langston Hughes Biography
  • Tech Tips for Students
  • Winter Reading Games Promotional Videos 
  • Videos for spirit weeks, POWER lessons, and After School Clubs 
  • Special Winter Holiday Show
  • 8th Grade Celebration
  • The Singing News
  • Hughes News Q & A
  • WeVideo Training offered by students
  • Participated in FCPS Broadcast Journalism Student Summit

And as the Hughes News Crew would say…Roll the credits!  

Hughes News Year in Rewind