Service Learning

Update on Service Learning Expectations and Opportunities for the 2020-2021 School Year from Ms. Monticchio 

During these uncertain times, FCPS and LHMS recognize that students and families are in very different places in regard to their capacity for enacting service learning.  For some students, providing service to others will meet Social and Emotional Learning needs, allowing them to feel like they are making a difference.  For others, who have familial commitments outside of school, a requirement of service learning beyond the school day may be difficult.  Traditionally, 8th grade students are asked to set 15 hours as a goal for their time in middle school.  For this year, students should set their own goals based on their individual situations.  

As an IB World School, Hughes still places a high value on student service and our role in the community and students who are part of certain student organizations like National Junior Honor Society will still have service hour expectations (NJHS has a reduced expectation of 10 hours for this year).  Below are several links that students can use to find service activities that fulfill their commitment to their community while maintaining social distance requirements.  Families can also use these as a model for their own ideas, and parents can verify hours for their student if necessary. 

“Distanced” Service Opportunities from FCPS (must be logged into FCPS student Google account)

FCPS Service Learning Twitter Site

Volunteer Fairfax

Volunteer Fairfax Covid-19 Opportunities (Not a Fairfax County site, so students should have parental guidance in pursuing opportunities.)

X2Vol (Students log-in to their Naviance accounts, then click X2Vol in the bottom right.  Click “Opportunities.”  This site is also where students should log their hours.)


Our Mission at Hughes includes inspiring, enabling, and empowering students to meet high academic standards, lead ethical lives, and demonstrate responsible citizenship in a global community. As part of this mission, we recognize the importance of service as action and support our students in engaging in service with their local and global communities. Through service students are provided opportunities to explore their community, gain personal insight, develop new and existing skills, grow their confidence and responsibility, and become actors in the ‘real world’ beyond school.

To emphasize the importance of this, Langston Hughes Middle School requires students to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service by May of their 8th grade year.

How do we keep track of service hours?

Students will keep track of and reflect on their hours of service through X2Vol – a website that students access through Naviance Student (formerly Family Connection). Naviance student is accessible through FCPS Blackboard. Along with logging hours of service, students must also include a brief reflection (3-5 sentences) describing the service completed/performed, how the service was selected, how it connects to something learned in a class, and an IB Learner Profile trait that was used or developed through the service.

How can my student find service opportunities?

Service opportunities are available in school, both within and outside of the classroom learning experience. Students may also participate in non-school related service activities. Some examples of service in which many students already engage include participating in or volunteering for a race that donates the proceeds to a charity, volunteering time in the library or for teachers after school, collecting items for food or clothing drives, or participating in an awareness campaign by writing letters or sending postcards to local officials.