School Improvement & Innovation Plan

Outcome goals for this academic school year

2019-2020 Hughes MS Region 1 Aimee Monticchio, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcome 1

Reduce the disparity of sub groups (SWD, EL, Black, Hispanic) represented in discipline referrals by 25%

Strategy 1:

The implementation of Panther POWER as school-wide expectations. 

Strategy 2:

Tiered and targeted referral process to reflect student needs and additional tiered support around behavior, wellness, and attendance.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome 2

Increase the percentage of all students who complete an honors course to 75%, by the beginning of the  2021-2022 school year and increase the Black and Hispanic participation by 15% for each subgroup.

Strategy 1:

Langston Hughes will set the expectation for all non level IV advanced academics students to take at least one honors/class thereby closing the achievement gap and supporting access to rigor. 

Strategy 2: 

Implement staff professional development aimed at increasing expectations for all students among staff.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome 3

All subgroup data on state SOL tests will show a minimum adjusted pass rate of 80% according to the SOA workbook.

Strategy 1:

Plan and implement professional development to increase content area reading and writing skills.

Strategy 2: 

Utilize Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to identify and support students in attaining mastery of grade-level content.