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Family Liaison

Hughes MS is very lucky to have two Family Liaisons who support families navigate Hughes MS and FCPS.

Our Family Liaisons are:

FCPS Office of Special Services

The Office of Special Education Instruction directs and supports the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of Pre-K–12 educational programs, curricula, and services that meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

ESOL services prepare students to be college and career ready by developing proficiency in the English language. ESOL services help students achieve academic success, develop critical thinking skills, and solve problems.

School Psychology Services

School psychologists are mental health specialists with knowledge of child development, the psychology of learning, behavior management and intervention, monitoring the progress of students, and program evaluation.

Our school psychologist is Melissa Norris.  She may be reached by email: [email protected] or 703-715-3620.

Social Work and Support Services

School social workers focus on family and community factors that influence learning. They provide intensive services for students facing issues that pose risks to their academic success such as parent divorce and separation, grief, poverty, truancy, chronic illness, mental health problems, conduct problems, child abuse, etc. 

Contact your school social workers if you need help finding affordable lunch for your children, food, holiday meals, clothing, school supplies, and eye glasses. They can also help your children maintain stability at school, should your family lose your stable housing. A federal law protects your children’s right to attend their same school even if your family loses stable housing. 

Our school social worker is Brianna Smalls. She can be reached at [email protected] or 703-715-3655.  

Parent Resource Center

The PRC offers many services for families experiencing traumatic/stressful events, and for families of special needs students.

Transportation Services

The Office of Transportation Services is responsible for providing the safe and efficient transportation of all eligible students to and from schools and school activities each day. Transportation Services includes buses, kindergarten transportation, walking and bicycling, kiss and ride, and driving to school.

At Hughes Middle School, students wishing to ride a bus home with another student must present notes from the parent of each student giving permission in order for a student to ride a bus other than the one assigned. Permission notes should include student name, date, reason for the visit, and the bus run number. These notes should be given to an office staff member prior to the beginning of school on the day of the visit. Office staff will issue a bus pass to the student. Permission must be granted from parents/guardians in writing. Phone calls will not be accepted.

Kiss and Ride

Students who are driven to school should be dropped off at Kiss and Ride (Door 6) no earlier than 7:10am on Ridge Heights Road.  Students are NOT to be dropped off at the Main Entrance, the faculty parking lot, the bus lane or on Seahawk Drive. The Kiss and Ride lane should be approached from Soapstone Drive and students should be dropped off at our designated Kiss and Ride (Door 6), curb side of the school.

Translation Support Services