Latinas in STEM After-School Club Invited to the National Weather Service

By Ms. Laura Noueihed - ESOL Math Teacher and Club Sponsor
January 25, 2024

The Latinas in STEM club were invited to tour the regional office of the National Weather Service last Thursday. While we were there, we got to launch a weather balloon and track it as it flew over Dulles Airport. Within an hour it was already floating over Delaware and was 75,000 feet off the ground! Club members got to experience the extreme conditions in which the sensors and instruments are tested, including extreme heat (60* C or about 150* F) extreme cold (-60* C) and also salt and fog machines. We also saw a wind tunnel that blew wind up to category 5 hurricane conditions. Next, we took a tour of the Forecast Office where meteorologists gather all the data from weather instruments in DC, Virginia and Maryland. Their computers run the data through complex equations that enable them to predict weather events and patterns that will affect our area. They communicate their forecasts to national and county officials as well as to news outlets, emergency services and, of course, all the school districts. After learning how to look at the radar maps and weather patterns, we were pretty sure school would be closed on Friday, hours before Dr. Reid and FCPS announced it!  Students had a wonderful time and even four out of the eight said they would like to consider something weather related for a career!   

Ms. Kerze adds a Hughes shout-out to the club sponsors, Ms. Noueihed and Ms. Sciaroni our fabulous ESOL Math and Science Teachers who are connecting our students to these unique opportunties to learn about STEM related careers!